Dusk Home represents the best from the world of lifestyle and home decor. It is a premium home decor brand that is proudly Zimbabwean. Dusk Home is the perfect place to accessorise your home with our exclusive range of kitchenware, linen, toiletries, bathroom products, vases, and more.

Dusk Home has evolved over the past decade! It has grown from a humble candle selling business to a candle renting business and it has become a store that specializes in luxury gifts, homeware, lighting, linen, furniture, and more!

It all started in 2007 when I, Hayley Mellor opened my first store, Dusk Candles. It was filled with the best homemade candles, local Zimbabwean items and a few luxury items from South Africa. Then in 2008 after a fortuitous meeting in Mozambique, Dusk Candles became Dusk Home, a premium home decor store.

Dusk Home strives to bring customers affordable, quality products from around the world. We provide the best products at the best price. We currently import stock from Germany, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, and of course still mix it up with as much locally bought items as possible.

We believe every home is special and our product range is designed to add your personality to your space. Walk through the categories and pick the curated gifts, decor pieces and furniture items that will enhance your home.

Hayley Mellor

Director & Owner 

Dusk Home Stores Pvt Ltd